'Greener Pastures' for a pig called Wombat




Meet Wombat, a very special  little pig who made a giant leap of faith. Wombat jumped from a moving truck which was likely carrying her and her friends to the slaughterhouse. Luckily for Wombat a kind person stopped to help. Following a long healing process from numerous fractures and internal injuries, Wombat is now living a happy carefree life here at Greener Pastures Sanctuary.


If you would like to contribute to helping Wombat and her friends at Greener Pastures, please click on the Donations tab above. We can't thank our supporters enough, the lifesaving work we do would not be possible without you.



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Greener Pastures Sanctuary is a small not for profit farm animal sanctuary located in Waroona, approximately 110kms from Perth in Western Australia's Peel region. Our 100 acres of animal bliss is a permanent and temporary home to rescued animals such as horses, cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigs. At Greener Pastures we believe all animals should be protected by law from the cruelty that is inflicted upon them on farms today, in particluar factory farms. De-beaking, castration, tail docking, de-horning, and muelsing are al...


Are you interested in volunteering at Greener Pastures Sanctuary? We have many upcoming projects at the farm and we need your help to complete them! Please email Caroline at volunteer@greenerpasturessanctuary.org.au and see when the next date is for volunteering at the Sanctuary.   PET ADOPTION PROGRAM We have recently started an adoption program for dogs and cats and are looking for...

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